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8 Ways to Make Your Google Ads More Effective

8 Ways to Make Your Google Ads More Effective

Formerly called Google AdWords, Google Ads function on one important principle: Relevancy. Think about how you filter the seemingly endless stream of information found online. You quickly ignore the information that generates no interest and instead, you pay attention to information that you need to know.

Even Google emphasizes relevancy for marketers that express interest in launching Google Ad campaigns. Let’s review a few tips that should make your Google ads more effective.

Know Your Target Audience

Long before you create the first Google Ad for a digital marketing campaign, you have to answer the most important question: Who are the members of your target audience?

Where does your target audience go online? What are the demographics that make up your target audience? What types of effective ads are your competitors running to reach your target audience?

Knowing your target audience for your business gets the ball rolling for implementing a highly effective Google Ads strategy.

Promote One Product or Service

Let’s say you operate a floral store and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Potential customers are much more likely to click on a Google Ad that showcases your inventory of silver roses than a generic ad that features every style of rose your floral store has in stock. Create Google ads for specific products and services to attract the right target audience.

Key in on Keywords

For one product, one service principle also applies to choosing a keyword for your Google Ad campaign. In the example we use above, the keyword should not be ‘Rose.” Instead, it should be like the ad itself: Targeted to people looking for silver roses. Two or three words that form a phrase do a much better job of establishing a keyword your customers use for product and service searches in their Google search.

Highlight the Most Important Product or Service Features

Google Ads do not offer business operators much room to promote every feature of a product or a service. Before you add copy to a Google Ad, choose a couple of the most important features of a product or a service that help you stand out among the competition. For example, a business that sells vacuums can highlight a feature that improves the flow of suction to collect the most amount of dust and dirt. By highlighting specific features, your ad is more likely to appear in search results.

Link to a Relevant Landing Page

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make with Google Ads is by sending customer prospects to the home page. Website home pages are typically full of generic content that is uploaded to motivate visitors to read additional web pages. For a Google Ad, you want potential customers to head over to a targeted landing page, preferably the landing page that presents much more information about the product or service promoted in the Google advertisement.

Landing pages represent one-purpose only pages that are perfect for completing an online sale.

Try More than One Google Ad

Although Google offers specific advice on how to craft effective Google Ads, you should experiment with a few different formats until you discover the ad that generates the highest click through rate. Mix up different feature combinations, as well as use a variety of offers to create the Google Ad that outperforms other ads.

Monitor Google Ad Performance

You can change your Google Ads, but you have to first test each ad for effectiveness. You should monitor the conversion and clickthrough rates for each ad, as well determine how prospective customers respond to different calls to action. Remember that a relatively high click through rate does not guarantee a similarly high conversion rate.

Motivating Call to Action

They say to save the best for last, and for Google Ads, the last thing is a powerfully persuasive call to action that motivates customer prospects to take a specific action. The specific action can be to sign up for an email newsletter or contact your business for a free estimate.

To get the most out of a digital marketing campaign, contact Gauge Digital Media to improve the effectiveness of Google Ads. We specialize in helping small and medium size businesses create targeted Google Ads that motivate potential customers to take action. Call our office at (410) 376-7709 or submit the online form to learn more about our Google Ads services.

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