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Generate high-quality leads in your local area. Local Service Ads are a proven, targeted way to bring in leads with a high conversion rate from your backyard.

Why Do Local Service Ads Matter for Home Services?

Capture Quality Leads in Your Backyard
Local Service Ads instantly connect you with people searching for your services. Vetted by Google, businesses using Local Service Ads show up above all other search results and are often the first choice. These ads are highly targeted, and while they cost more per lead than traditional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, they also convert at higher rates leading to a better return on your investment.

Benefits of Local Service Ads With Gauge

Google places Local Service Ads at the top of Google's local search results, meaning you’re the first things customers in your area see when they search for your service.
With the "Google Guaranteed" badge accompanying your ads, your business is instantly perceived as a trusted authority. This badge signifies that your business has passed thorough background checks, instilling confidence in potential customers and encouraging them to give you a call.
Utilizing LSA allows you to be as specific as you want with your ad targeting. Whether you're aiming to reach specific neighborhoods, demographics, or interests, LSA ensures that your ads are presented to the most relevant audience
LSA puts your business and contact info front and center, eliminating your clients’ need to hunt down your contact info. Potential customers can easily contact you or learn more about your offerings with just a click, getting leads on your books faster than ever.
Custom budgeting and spend limits means you’re in control of your advertising with LSA. Easily adjusted on the fly, LSA presents a great flexible option to add to your advertising arsenal.
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Why Gauge?

Get the Marketing Team Made For Industry Experts Like You
Gauge Digital Media specializes in digital marketing for home service providers. We work with industry experts nationally to understand your trade inside and out to highlight what you do best for the right audience. We handle the ins-and-outs of your marketing and keep you booked out so you can focus on your business. You’re an expert of your trade, and it’s our goal to showcase that.
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Custom LSA Strategies for Home Services

Reliable Results and Winning Strategies
Local Service Ads are a great way to capture your local leads and establish your presence in your community. Targeted and effective, these ads can be tricky to get right so it’s important your marketing partner knows what they’re doing. At Gauge, we use our years of experience setting up and executing LSA campaigns to make sure you get the most out of your campaign.
Strategic Campaign Planning
Starting off, we research your business and target customers to develop customized LSA campaigns tailored to your specific needs. We make sure we get off on the right foot so the leads start rolling in.
Google Guaranteed Verification
Before campaign launch, e’ll work together on getting your “Google Guaranteed” badge. We’ll assist with your license verifications and background checks to increase trust with Google and your customers.
Advanced Targeting Options
Once they’re up and running, we refine your LSA campaigns to reach the most relevant audience down to their demographics and even geo-targeting regions most likely to give you the traffic you want.
Performance Tracking & Reporting
We keep you looped in regarding your campaign performance and will check in on your leads to make sure we’re driving the right leads at the right time to meet your goals.
Continuous Optimization
LSA takes work to maximize the benefits you can receive from your campaigns so we continually monitor and tweak them based on what’s working and where we see room to improve.