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Online reviews

A job well done can give you a boost online too. We help clients manage their online reviews to put their best foot forward and win the trust of potential clients.

Why Should Home Service Providers Care About Online Reviews?

Build trust with a proven strategy to increase reviews.

It’s no surprise that good reviews do wonders for home service businesses. You likely already have a review process in place, but enhancing it with a strategy to encourage more Google reviews can significantly boost your online reputation. In a space where a bad reviewer can remain anonymous, it’s essential to have a marketing partner with the tips and tricks to keep the good reviews flowing in and the right response ready for the not-so-great ones.

Benefits of Online Review Management with Gauge

Sometimes the speed of your response can make all the difference. With the right strategy to respond to and curate reviews, you can highlight not just your service but also show you’re accessible, professional, and approachable.

Getting good feedback from your customers not only helps improve your business, but it lets other potential clients see the quality of your work and encourages leads to convert.
With careful management, your online reviews are a way to show you care about not only your business but your customers and their experience. That attention to detail can set you apart from other home service providers and convince leads you’re the go-to source in your area. 
Bad reviews are inevitable, but they don’t have to be an eyesore. With the right strategy you can mitigate bad reviews with a timely, curated response that shows you take the critique seriously while also defending your good reputation.  
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Gauge Digital Media specializes in digital marketing for home service providers. We work with industry experts nationally to understand your trade inside and out to highlight what you do best for the right audience. We handle the ins-and-outs of your marketing and keep you booked out so you can focus on your business. You’re an expert of your trade, and it’s our goal to showcase that.
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Online Review Strategies for Home Services

Maintain Your Reputation and Leverage Great Reviews

Like any good testimonial, you want good, detailed reviews to foster trust in your business. We work with clients to create strategies to maximize the number of reviews they’re getting, improve the quality of the responses, and create action plans to deal with negative feedback.
Audit Existing Reviews

Before we strategize we’ll get together and look through your existing reviews and look for patterns. Is the problem low volume? Are there any trends in negative feedback? Once we better understand where you’re starting from, we’ll get working on your strategy.

Respond to Negative Feedback

One of the most critical parts of review management is how to deal with bad reviews. Between disputing spam and inappropriate reviews with Google to creating a curated response to negative feedback, we’ll help you look professional while keeping your good standing.

Generate Better Responses
While getting 5 stars is great, having a detailed review to explain how you got those stars is even better. We help strategize and use proven methods to increase the quality of your reviews so people not only see you’re top rated, they know why too.