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Conversion Rate Optimization

We create ads, landing pages, and websites that give your potential customers the final push to turn site visits into booked appointments.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important for Home Services?

Turn Visitors into Booked Jobs
You might think that getting people to your site is the hard part, but it’s only half the battle. Convincing those users to take the leap to contacting you or scheduling an appointment requires precision, strategy, and understanding of how consumers think when their user journey takes them from a search or ad to a site. Put it another way, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a cornerstone of nearly every marketing process we have. We work hard to understand user experience to place calls to action and redirects exactly where they’ll drive visitors to reach out.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization with Gauge

The simplest and most important benefit of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is that it gets people to make that call to your business or book an appointment online. It’s about getting your audience to take the actions you want them to take no matter where they are in their customer journey.
The cornerstone of CRO is targeting the right leads at the right time. Whether it’s placing a button at the right spot or using the right copy in an ad, getting the ideal leads you target to take the actions you want them to (booking an appointment or calling) is what makes for a great lead.
Getting your leads to convert requires a deep understanding of your audience, what actions they take, and why they take them. It also means that you get additional insight into what your potential customers are looking for to make the most of your site’s visitors.
An additional benefit of CRO is a better experience for your potential customers. Not only does CRO entail using strategy to direct traffic where you want it, it also means making your site accessible, easy to use, and helps it look great in the process.

Turn Your Site’s Visitors Into Customers

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Why Gauge?

You’re The Best At What You Do. We’ll Make You The Best Known.
Gauge Digital Media specializes in digital marketing for home service providers. We work with industry experts nationally to understand your trade inside and out to highlight what you do best for the right audience. We handle the ins-and-outs of your marketing and keep you booked out so you can focus on your business. You’re an expert of your trade, and it’s our goal to showcase that.
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CRO Strategies for Home Services

Get the Most Out of Your Leads
The idea behind CRO is simple – understand your clients and build your site and ads to work with them to get them to convert from a view to a lead.
We begin with an audit of what you’ve got going on. Does your site have good calls to action? Are your ads wordy or maybe don’t have enough info? We take everything into consideration.
Next, we jump in and adjust any easy-to-fix issues and start redesigning your materials to get your leads to take the actions you want.
Monitoring & Analysis
Using custom tracking and User Experience research, we analyze your site traffic and lead quality to understand what’s working and what isn’t.
Based on our research and findings, we’ll optimize your materials across the board from your site and landing pages to ads and copy.
Clear Reporting & Updates
The best part about CRO though is that if you do it right, it’s hardly noticeable and powerfully effective. That said, we’ll keep you in the loop with any big changes.