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5 Ways SEO and PPC Work Together

5 Ways SEO and PPC Work Together

If you’re contemplating starting a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to sell your products, you may not have thought of how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps. Although each has a different strategy, they both serve to highlight your product or service to your customers. When you combine PPC and SEO, you’ll create a winning strategy that helps your customers find the product or service you sell.

Your PPC campaign will be more effective when you integrate traditional SEO strategies that enhance search engine visibility. You can significantly boost your sales numbers and attract visitors by understanding how to combine SEO and PPC.

SEO and PPC are long and short-term strategies, respectively. PPC is short term because it provides an instant result to a user depending on their search. SEO is a long-term strategy with the aim of increasing your site’s rankings. SEO, however, takes time to work, and you can use PPC in the meantime. By using these two strategies together effectively, you’ll impact the number of people who purchase your products as a whole.

1. Boost Your Visibility

Combining an SEO strategy with your current PPC campaign boosts the visibility of your products or services. It also creates an opportunity for visitors to check your website as well. If you have similar products that they might want, it boosts your chance of making multiple sales over time.

Combining the use of keywords in your advertising strategy and on your website makes sense. This combination increases the likelihood that your site will show up for more results online, especially if you’re using the same keywords.

2. Enhance Your SEO Strategy

You can enhance your current SEO strategy using a PPC campaign. It would help if you used the same keywords on your PPC campaign that you use to rank your website. If your SEO strategy is solid, and your PPC campaign includes the right keywords, your business will show up more than once on search engine results pages. A double-exposure in search results increases the likelihood that users will click on your site or ad since it is relevant to what they want.

3. Increase Your Social Media Presence

When you combine a PPC and SEO strategy, you may not be thinking of social media. However, do pay attention to the keywords that you are using and integrate them across all platforms you use for advertising.

When you combine SEO and PPC campaigns using the same keywords in your social media strategy, your brand is uniform. In the case of PPC and SEO, less is more in terms of keywords. Being known for specific keywords across platforms shows specialization.

4. Find the Best Keywords

You must test your keywords and the number of clicks you get when you alter them. The keywords that attract the most clicks to your campaign will likely attract similar visitors to your website. Allowing people to explore your website includes an ever-evolving SEO strategy.

Even if you rank #1 on Google, not staying on top of your efforts causes stagnation. You can adjust the keywords you’re using in the campaign but keep it relevant to your website’s main keywords. Don’t be afraid of changing your PPC strategy often.

Monitoring analytics to see what keywords make the most impact is a surefire way to stay on top of your SEO strategy.

5. See Who to Retarget

Some users visit your website to buy your product or service. However, distractions happen, or they might not have the funds ready at that moment. Lack of an immediate sale doesn’t mean that they are no longer interested.The likelihood that the user will buy the product increases if you retarget them. If you’ve notice interest on your website for a particular keyword, you can use ad space that shows past visitors the same product at another time. The product displays while they are browsing a different site or on social media platforms. This visual prompt reminds the user that your product still exists and trigger a sale.

If they had the intent but were hesitating/unable to buy it, they are more likely to revisit your website.

Contact Gauge Digital Media

Although PPC and SEO are not the same, they effectively help you boost visibility and increase sales. The essential factor that combines these two concepts is search visibility. Once you’ve understood the power and impact of the keywords that you’re using, you can eliminate those that do not work. A combination of an SEO and PPC strategy helps you attract the people that will most likely buy your products.

To learn more about how SEO and PPC can help your business grow, call us today at (410) 376-7709!

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