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10 SEO Tricks to Get More Traffic to Your Website

10 SEO Tricks to Get More Traffic to Your Website

With the increase in technology, it is essential that your business establishes and maintains a strong online presence to continue being successful. Thankfully, by utilizing SEO on your website, you can help keep your business ahead of the competition. That is, if you know how to implement SEO on your website. Here are 10 SEO tricks you can use to get more traffic:

Keep Your Content Fresh and Relevant

Fresh and regularly updated content lets search engines know that your website is active and has new information to offer to people conducting online searches. Uploading new and relevant content keeps your customers coming back for more, thus increasing your website traffic. It is also an effective SEO tactic that will allow your website to have a higher ranking on Google.

Have a Mobile Friendly Website

According to Statista, more than 50% of all website traffic was generated via mobile devices in 2018. For the first time in the digital era, mobile devices represented the primary method customers used to access business websites.

This means your website must also include a version that customers can easily and quickly download on tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Fewer images and more concise content will encourage quicker download speeds and help your site be mobile friendly for users.

Use Your Competitor’s Keywords

Are your competitors ranking higher than you? Do some keyword research and figure out what they are doing to rank so high on search engines. There are several websites out there that can help you with your research, like SEMrush. By doing this, you can improve upon your own plans on outranking the competition.

Optimize Your Site for Organic Searches

The big three search engines-Google, Bing, and Yahoo!-reward websites that strategically integrate the right keywords into website content, as you present a user-friendly format that makes it easy to digest helpful content. Research your ideal target audience to learn the words and phrases they use when searching for your product or service. This research will help you optimize your site so it will appear in organic searches.

Pay for Traffic

Pay per click advertising (PPC), such as Google Ads, is a powerful traffic driver for small and medium size businesses. The key factor for optimizing a PPC campaign is to use the same keywords potential customers use to find your business online. What was once considered a separate digital marketing strategy, PPC works seamlessly with SEO to boost the marketing campaigns of a wide variety of businesses.

Use Effective External Links

Although Google has slightly diminished the SEO power of external links, an effective external linking campaign still brings your website credibility online. This means you should establish quality and naturally acquired external links to boost the credibility of your business website.

Utilize Internal Links

Internal links deliver several benefits by keeping your visitors engaged on your website which is arguably the most important reason to create internal links. Make sure to create internal links that leverage the SEO power of strong anchor text. You do not want to insert a sentence that reads, “Click HERE to learn more about this new service” because it does not hold as much value as a strong anchor keyword.

Be Active on Social Media

Conduct a search for almost any business using Google, and chances are the search results will list the company’s Facebook page near or at the top of the results. Engaging your customers, as well as customer prospects on social media represents an effective SEO strategy as you leverage authority on different platforms. Start with Facebook and Twitter to grow the social media presence for your business.

Post Videos on Your Website

Videos posted on your website signals to search engines that your website has a mix of media on your site relevant to online searches. Additionally, videos are easy to remember, which means using them on your website is an effective approach to getting more leads and sales.

Optimize for Voice Search

Express Writers founder, Julia McCoy, confirms the growing power of voice searches for SEO purposes. “If it makes sense for your brand, use geo-targeted keywords,” she said. Geotargeting will allow you to reach audiences in specific areas you choose. As of early 2020, most voice searches are used for local business searches. For example, if someone uses voice search to search for “plumbing Westminster MD,” Google will display sites that have that geotargeted keyword.

Contact Gauge Digital Media Today

As more and more business is done online, you want your website to have as much activity as possible from current and potential customers. Gauge Digital Media can help you improve your SEO by using a variety of tools and techniques. Be proactive and get ahead of the competition by calling us at (410) 376-7709 or submitting the online contact form.

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