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How Social Media Can Affect Your Business’ SEO

How Social Media Can Affect Your Business’ SEO

This week our Whiteboard Wednesday video explains how social media can affect your business’ search engine optimization. Did you know that 72% of buyers start their process with a google search? This means that your social media is directly correlated with SEO, which can help your business rank higher in Google search results and reach more potential customers. Watch our video now to learn more about how being active on social media can impact your business’ success.

How Social Media can Improve Your Business’ SEO – Transcript:

Welcome back to Whiteboard Wednesday with Gauge Digital Media. I’m Brett, and today we are going to take you through how social media can impact your SEO or search engine optimization.

First, it is important to understand what SEO is, and how important it is for your business. If you’d like to learn more about that, check out our previous Whiteboard Wednesday videos. Just to set the stage a little bit, a cool statistic we found from a LinkedIn article by Robert Hennessey, 72% of buyers start their process with a google search. This shows you the importance of having a good online presence for your business.

SEO maximizes the number of visitors your website captures. When somebody is looking for the product or service you offer, they will search in Google. You want to be at least in the first page of these results, ideally, you would be in the top three so you’re being found over your competitors for the products or services you offer.

Now today is not about SEO in specific, it is more about social media can have an impact on your search engine presence. Social media allows you to place content in front of specific groups of people. Especially if you think about Facebook (check out our previous Whiteboard Wednesday video on Facebook Advertising), Facebook has cool targeting – you can target specific age groups, people who have liked certain groups, genders, geographic location and you can place the content you want right in front of these people. Social media, in turn will increase visitors and build links to your website. One of the biggest factors that affects your SEO, is link building to your website. Not just a bunch of links that you’ve paid for, but high quality links. Google always looks for quality.

So what we are going to do today, is talk a little bit more how SEO is affected by social media. This could be anything like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, (not listed: Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat). Stay tuned and we will take you through how SEO is affected by social media.

80% of consumers expect businesses to be present on Facebook. By not having social media, your potential customers may rethink their purchase decision which could affect your business

Some social media tips to help your business’ SEO include:

  • Gaining your followers organically by posting fun, interesting content, promoting sales to followers only, and by including your business’ social media links. Google is able to tell if you gain your social media followers organically or if you buy followers, which is not a good thing. Google will reward businesses that perform ethically with higher ranking in search engines.
  • You can also use external links on your website that direct to your social media sites. Google likes quality links, so this will help your business’ SEO.
  • It is also important to be active on your social media platforms. Many social users prefer to reach out to companies on social media for customer service.

Your social media is important because it has the ability to rank on Google. For example, when searching NFL in Google, the NFL’s website appears first, then their social media profile (Twitter) is shown below.

This is because the specific social media site contains high-quality content that Google wants to show searchers. Google is looking more at the kind of content you’re sharing with people, instead of the number of keywords you can put into a blog post or website.

Social media drives more than 30% of overall traffic to your website. With more website traffic, the chance of conversions is more likely to occur.

So in closing, it is definitely important to stay active on social media platforms. You want to continuously product content that is relative to your business and also professional, all of this will help your SEO. If you’d like to learn more about this, you can check us out and we look forward to seeing you again next Wednesday for Whiteboard Wednesday!

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