Today, people are choosing to search for businesses online using Google, compared to the past where people pull out their Yellow Pages. It is important for businesses to utilize search engine optimization in order for their business listing to be ranked high on Google.

Why Every Local Business Should Utilize SEO – Transcript:

Welcome back to Whiteboard Wednesday with Gauge Digital Media. I’m Brett, and I’m Becca. Today we will be talking about why every local business should utilize SEO.

Today, people are choosing to search for businesses online using Google compared to the past, where people would use the phone book or Yellow Pages to find businesses. Google makes it easy for people to look up any business category or business name.

This could be detrimental to a businesses today because the way search results work are much more competitive than the way they use the Yellow Pages would work in the past.

In the past if you were looking for something like an Italian restaurant, you would go to the category in the Yellow Pages, read through the entire category and look through all your options. Maybe go look at an ad or go look at a different category and then finally make that phone call. In the past every business had an equal opportunity to be found by their customers.

Currently, Google is now the old Yellow Pages. When people search the Internet for an Italian Restaurant, they usually have thousands of results in their list. However, when more results appear on Google, people tend to look at fewer.  Many people don’t even look past the first page of results if there is a listing there that satisfies their need.

Since people are choosing to use Google rather than the Yellow Pages, it is important to have your business rank high in the search results. In order for your business to rank in the top three in competitive markets, you have to utilize search engine optimization. At Gauge we offer many packages to help your business rank. For more information you can check us out at

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