Gauge Digital Media’s Whiteboard Wednesday video is on Reputation Management! Reviews are important for a business’ success. Positive reviews are great for a company, and negative review can be very dangerous. Our reputation management software monitors reviews and responds and resolves any issues or negative feedback.

Reputation Management – Transcript:

Welcome back to Whiteboard Wednesday with Gauge Digital Media. I’m Brett and I’m Becca. Today we are talking about Reputation Management.

Reputation management is a service that encourages positive reviews and discourages negative reviews for businesses on the top sites of their choosing.

The data shows 88% of consumers said they read online reviews in order to determine the quality of a local business.

Trust is developed through an individuals’ ability to read multiple opinions on a variety of websites made by many different people with differing standards and perspectives.

Positive reviews are great for a company, and negative reviews can be very dangerous. Our reputation management services help businesses monitor and respond to what customers are saying online about your business in order to build your online reputation and success.

Gauge Digital Media’s reputation management software will help your company generate online reviews fast. Let me explain how our software works:

  1. First, You input your customers’ information, entering either their phone number or email address.
  2. Then, your customers will receive a simple, single-question survey through email, text or both, to which they will respond with their experience about your product or service.
  3. Based on your customers’ survey response, they will receive one of two messages. If your customer responded with a positive review about your product or service, they will be immediately asked to leave a review on either top sites like Google, Yelp, or Facebook. However, If the survey response is negative, customers are directed to a feedback form and asked how your business could have improved their experience.
  4. And finally, your business is provided a complete reputation management platform that allows you or Gauge to manage customer feedback and online reviews in one simple dashboard. You and your staff will receive email and text alerts of new ratings and reviews that you have received!

Our reputation management service is very beneficial for your business when potential customers are searching online for your product or service. For more information about Reputation Management, check out Gauge Digital Media at