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SEO for Academic Institutions

SEO for Academic Institutions

SEO for Academic Institutions

SEO or search engine optimization places your programs in the main search results found by major search engines like Google or Bing or any other major search engine. For an academic institute, the goal of SEO is to reach potential students. Students doing research on which school they want to go to will turn to the internet to find the information they are looking for. With good SEO, your school can be the one they find.

An SEO education marketing program begins with finding the right keywords. Keywords are the “keys” to opening browsers and those searching for information on education programs. When blogging, optimize your blog posts for search engines by using the right keywords, and links will ensure searchers find you on leading browsers.

When students are researching what higher education institutions to attend, they search within three content areas. Included are academic programs, cost and financial aid, and campus community. Students claim that web search is a better way to learn about a university or college than social media. More than 50% of students use the web when searching for academic programs. With obtaining students in mind, change our SEO marketing campaigns to include:

Higher education establishments need to search for the best web design for their schools. Web design is usually an easy fix. Higher education institutes always have a curriculum for IT. Take advantage of your resources and have an already enrolled student design a catchy website.

Take this website and shop it around to browsers using specific keywords like financial aid, living conditions, or specific courses, best schools for math or any combination of words that bring up what you want.

An academic institution must utilize PPC, or pay-per-click, to advertise their instruction. PPC is an internet advertising model used to bring traffic to websites. Advertise your institution and compete for a shrinking supply of prospective students in your locality. Marketing and recruitment can be extremely lucrative and a great means to lure international students to your institution. PPC marketing on search engines and social media platforms is a cost efficient method of lead generation. Bid on keywords relevant to your situation and use these words in sponsored links. When a visitor enters one of these keywords, finds the page listing your school, clicks on a link, their information is entered onto a linked page. You now have a resource to email and call.

Use website conversion optimization. Track the visitors to your site, collect their information.

SEO Basics for Higher Education

  • SEO is important for website visibility. If you do not have a website, and SEO plans, no one will find you and students will pass over your programs. “If you build it they will come.”
  • Use elements on your web page to optimize search engine optimization (SEO). SEO includes videos, graphics and visuals.
  • SEO is all about the links. Create a landing page, and then lead your potential students to the academic programs you offer.
  • Write great content. Hire someone from the English department (or an outside source) to write about your educational programs. Although search engines do not care about the content, this is what will gain you students.
  • Determine what search engines matter. Marketing should focus on the most used search engines. If you are seeking international students, use the most relevant search engine in their country. Use the proper key words, optimize, develop an awesome website, and keep in contact with your prospects.
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