4 Reasons to Invest in PPC, Even When Your SEO is Already Successful

Most people use PPC (Pay per Click) as a way to either boost page traffic while waiting for organic search engine optimization or to diversify organic SEO, while it is still trying to find a foothold. In general, once most websites have achieved a significant page ranking through search engine optimization, they will no longer consider PPC a necessary part of their marketing strategy. Here are four ways you can benefit from a PPC campaign, even if your SEO is already successful.

  1. Paid searches are far more stable than organic search rankings.Your search engine rankings are not set in stone; they can change as quickly as the weather, and it might take you weeks or months to figure out why you were at the top one day, and on the fourth page the next. That isn’t how paid search works. Once you’ve found what works, you have quite a bit of control over your rankings.
  1. You get double the listings.Being at the top is great, but if you’re in the top listings twice, once in paid search and once in organic search, you have a much greater likelihood of getting a click. Being on two listings means double the visibility, which in turn means 100% more visibility than your competitors will have.
  1. Get better click-through rates.When you have two listings on the first page of the search results, your website looks more legitimate and more attractive to searchers. While clicks do not always translate into conversion, two links means twice the opportunities to attract clicks, which could mean twice the conversions. Even a top spot in organic search results does not get as many clicks as a website that has a spot in organic results and paid results. It is crucial to have top rankings for both organic and paid listings.
  1. You have a higher probability of converting a click to a sale.Recent studies have shown that websites that have both SEO and pay-per-click campaigns have up to 200% more conversions. While that percentage might not be possible for every website, it’s only logical that more visibility would mean more conversions.

PPC and SEO do not have to be mutually exclusive, and PPC has more utility than just bolstering a fledgling SEO campaign. The combination of a successful SEO campaign and a successful PPC campaign can be great for boosting your website’s page traffic and conversions ratio.