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7 Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2021

7 Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2021

Turning the page on a new calendar does not only mean a fresh start, it also means fun new web design trends that can be used to make your website an even more effective tool for your business. At Gauge Digital Media, we are always working hard to stay on top of the biggest web design trends to bring them to our customers. Here are some of the things you can look forward to spotting all over the internet this year.

1. Retro Fonts

What’s old is new again, and retro fonts are experiencing a huge resurgence in web design. Instead of the fonts that you might associate with vintage typography, these retro fonts harken back to less-tired eras of design, like the Motown era or the fonts you might see used on a record in the 1960s. Instead of looking like a retro diner, the new retro fonts are cool and modern while still harkening back to designs of the past.

2.  Horizontal Scrolling

In the past, this one of the new web design trends was actually considered to be a bad practice. These days, horizontal scrolling is having a major comeback, and it can be seen in apps and websites all around us. In general, it is utilized in image galleries or places where scrolling from left to right instead of up and down is intuitive and still feels natural. When using this one of the web design trends, be cautious about how you implement it to ensure that users know what to do.

3. 3D Visuals

Phone screens, laptop screens and computer screens are higher-quality than ever before, which means that their graphic capabilities are also elevated. Many websites are experimenting with gorgeous 3D visuals that are integrated into the rest of the site design. 3D elements can be scattered throughout the webpage or used as unique focal points to draw user attention to a specific headline or graphic.

4. Multimedia

Video being one of the biggest web design trends is nothing new, but more brands are focused on providing a multimedia experience to web visitors. Instead of just having images and text, these websites combine audio, video, text and graphic elements for an amazing user experience. When integrating multimedia elements, make sure that you don’t go overboard. Too many media formats, colors and sounds can be overwhelming for a visitor or dramatically slow down your website.

5. Muted Colors

It might seem strange to have muted colors placed right after multimedia experiences when it comes to web design trends, but they are both very popular this year. Muted colors give the website a more natural, less high-tech feel. While this isn’t appropriate for every brand or design aesthetic, it can be a perfect match for brands that want a more down-to-earth feel. Muted colors also work well with hand-drawn graphics or lettering to make your brand seem more approachable.

6. Dark Mode

Whether you use Twitter or Reddit, there’s a good chance that you have browsed a website in dark mode before. This means that, instead of a traditional white or bright background with dark text, the experience will be reversed to a dark background with lighter text. While your website does not necessarily need to invest in a separate dark mode version, designing a website with white text and a deep background can make it stand out from the competition.

7. Grids

In contrast to the soft lines and muted colors present in some of the other web design trends, grids are also a popular design tool for 2021. Their geometry is striking, sleek and modern, and they can be used to display concepts in an easy format or help with navigation. A grid can also be used to lay out home page content in a manner that is very easy to browse and digest. When you keep it simple, it’s very easy for users to determine where they want to go. Grids are the perfect foundation for a modern website that has a cool feeling. Some sites are also using grids in a non-traditional fashion by arranging them throughout a page and using them to display things like testimonials, service menus or products.

Are you not sure which of these web design trends is right for you? Gauge Digital Media is here to help! We can create a stunning website for you that is both on-trend and timeless.

Embrace the Best Web Design Trends of 2021 with Gauge Digital Media

Working with a professional digital marketing company is the best way to make the most of your website and all that search engine optimization trends have to offer. To learn more about the best digital marketing strategies for your company and reach a bigger audience than ever before, work with Gauge Digital Media. For a quote or to schedule a call, contact us at 410-376-7709.

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