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6 Benefits of Having a WordPress Site

6 Benefits of Having a WordPress Site

Although dozens of options for website building exist in the marketplace, WordPress continues to stand out as exceptional. Founded in 2003, WordPress now hosts over a quarter of the websites in the entire world.

If you are new to creating websites, you may be wondering what exactly a site builder has to offer. A platform like WordPress functions as a content management system. This means that it contains the software to input, manage, and edit your site’s content, whether that is two web pages or two hundred. Your content management system is at the core of your website’s functionality, and WordPress offers several benefits that other content management systems do not.

Though WordPress is a user-friendly platform, professional support can give you the jump start you need when building a website for your business. Call our Gauge Digital Media team today at (410) 376-7709, and we can help you build a WordPress site for your business!

1. No Coding Experience Necessary

WordPress allows you to create a visually appealing website without any coding experience whatsoever. Instead, it offers a variety of free, predesigned templates to meet your needs.

However, if you do have some coding or programming in your background, you can customize the web design using HTML, CSS, and PHP technologies. You can also opt to hire an expert web developer who can help you master exactly what you are looking for in your website’s design.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Once you have filled your website with relevant content, you need to make sure your potential users can find it. Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on the strategies companies can use to attract more visitors by allowing search engines to easily find their websites.

WordPress makes using headings and keyword tags a natural part of adding content to the site, making it almost effortless to increase your SEO. They also offer various plug-ins and SEO packs to maximize effectiveness, including Yoast WordPress SEO.

Did you know that in addition to web design, Gauge Digital Media also offers services to improve your search engine optimization? Visit our website today to learn about the many services that we offer.

3. Open-Source Software

Individuals with all levels of web design experience can use the WordPress platform, and often people are more than willing to share their creations. WordPress is open-source software. This means that any individual user can edit the code or develop added resources to add to their sites.

The experts who create themes or efficient plug-ins for their own purposes often make them available for any fellow WordPress user to share. Many of these resources are free and accessible, and those that are not free generally have reasonable prices.

At Gauge Digital Media, our web design experts use the open-source software to their advantage to custom design websites that beautifully represent your business. Whether you see a feature you like on another website or have a vision in your head, we’re here to make your ideas come to life.

4. Community and Support

WordPress’s open-source software goes hand in hand with its generally open community. WordPress users have the opportunity to reach other’s free resources and to garner inspiration from similar sites when they are in the process of developing their own. WordPress itself often functions as a great platform over which virtual communities can connect.WordPress also has a responsive on-site support team run by trained professionals. Their active forums enable users to post questions, and community members and employees of WordPress can respond. On their support site, they also have a search bar where you can determine if someone else has previously asked your question and received an answer, which saves you the trouble of waiting for a reply.

5. Built-In Blog

A blog can be a great asset to any website regardless of its content, and on WordPress, a blog page is automatically built into your web design. Blogs can be useful in providing more background information about your site’s products or services and can serve to remind your audience that you are a credible resource. Having a blog affiliated with your site also allows you to build a rapport with your users. Whether your WordPress site is for one person, a small business, or a large company, your blog can be where your users can get to know your voice.

6. Responsive on All Platforms

In today’s world, it is crucial to have a website that seamlessly transitions from desktop to mobile and back again. The WordPress platform is compatible across devices, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy for people to adjust from one device to another. In addition, WordPress has a mobile-responsive design, which means that the functionality of your site will adjust based on what device people use to access it.

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