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10 Common Website Navigation Mistakes

10 Common Website Navigation Mistakes

One of the hallmarks of a well-built website is its ease of navigation. When clients land on your site, their likelihood of taking action increases if they know where to go. Even if your web design approach is creative, users shouldn’t have to learn how to use your website.

Businesses that rely on digital selling must prioritize site navigation. Your web design must complement your digital marketing strategy. Websites are impactful when they combine user-friendliness with a positive user experience. If yours doesn’t, a well-thought-out navigation structure is one of the ways to remedy that problem.

At Gauge Digital Media, we understand the impact that your web design has on your conversion rates. Contact us to learn how we can enhance and transform your site navigation and digital marketing strategy.

1. Too Many Links

No user likes to see an extensive list when they click on a site menu. If there are too many options, the user needs to search more, which quickly becomes a hassle. Try to minimize links by placing better categories and labels, enabling users to find what they want with ease.

2. Dead-End Pages

Even if a user reaches the end of a page on your site, your strategy should keep them interested. Placing the right content and links at the bottom of a page guides them to other parts of your website and keeps them on your site longer. When users find a dead end, they are less likely to continue browsing.

3. Spacing Issues

Users will stop scrolling when the bottom of a page has too much dead space or spacing issues. Therefore, strive to do the following:

  • Always maintain proper spacing and alignment
  • Avoid the overuse of dead space
  • Have clear markers for the end of your site

4. Making Important Information Hard to Find

There are specific rules to follow when it comes to placing information on your website. Users usually seek certain information in specific places when they land on a website. For example, the legal section of the site is in the footer. The About section and phone number of a company are in the top-right menu. Placing these in hard-to-find places is frustrating for users.

5. Too Many Buttons vs. Text Links

Buttons are no longer as relevant in web design because most users prefer text links. In many cases, buttons mean longer loading times, which causes some clients to lose interest. It’s more efficient to minimize their use.

6. Confusing Page Ends

One of the more frustrating experiences users have when navigating a page is assuming that they are at the end. This issue commonly happens when a banner or segment of your site looks like a footer. The web design should guide the user’s actions. It should be simple for users to determine when they have reached the end.

7. Non-Responsive Website

Nowadays, it is unacceptable for business websites to be non-responsive. Responsive web design means that your users easily navigate your site regardless of the device they use. Our team at Gauge Digital Media ensures that no matter how your customers access your site, they won’t have issues navigating it.

8. Your Site is “Too” Unique

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes is that many business owners assume that having a unique website places them at an advantage. You can get creative with several elements on your site, but the navigation shouldn’t be one of them. Here are some points to avoid:

  • Sensory overload
  • Too simple
  • Many products on one page
  • Media that takes too long to load
  • Unconventional site sections and styles
  • Clashing colors or shapes in sections

Too much deviation from the norm confuses your clients and may cause them to lose interest.

9. Vague Labels

When item labels are too vague, your customers may have to click on several to get to the item or segment that they want. One way to solve the issue is to look for popular keywords relating to the page you want, which can help guide your customers. The more relevant the label, the better your navigation becomes.

10. Drop-Down Menu Lists

Drop-down menus are quickly becoming obsolete. Not only do they have a potential impact on search engine crawls, but many users also consider them a source of irritation. Most importantly, they may distract users from landing on more valuable top pages, which may affect your bottom-line.

How We Help

You can avoid the most common website navigation mistakes by revamping your web design approach. From links to menu styles, every visual element affects the way users behave on your website. Avoiding these navigation mistakes helps you increase your web traffic and conversion rates.

At Gauge Digital Media, our experience with numerous clients allows us to identify the web design and navigation issues on your site. Our specialists create a digital marketing strategy that guides your users to the pages you need, which will make the most out of your site traffic.

Call our marketing and web design specialists at (410) 376-7709 to revamp your digital marketing approach with Gauge Digital Media.

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