Many companies overlook the importance of online reviews, despite the impact reviews can make on your business’ online presence and success. MOZ states, “67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews.” Watch our Marketing Tip Tuesday video to learn more about why online reviews are critical to your business’ success. 

Marketing Tip Tuesday: Why Online Reviews Are Critical To Your Business’ Success.

Search engines continually strive for better search results and online user experience. Because of this, customer reviews are critical to your business’ success. According to MOZ’s Local Search Ranking Factors Survey, online reviews make up approximately 10% of how search engines decide to rank search results. These include: review quantity, recentness, diversity and more. Having positive online reviews can help companies reach a top position in local search engine results.

In addition to Google including reviews as a search ranking factor, online reviews greatly influence your potential customer’s buying decisions. According to MOZ: “67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews.” Having positive online reviews, again, can help your business’ success, because good reviews encourage more clicks and physical visits.

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