Why Businesses Should Utilize Google Tools

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Using Google Tools to Improve Your SEO

In today’s world, it is important to focus on what matters most to your business. One of those things is how search engine results can bring more revenue to your company. Google offers amazing free tools to help with this, and all businesses should utilize them to track their digital marketing performance.

We are going to take your through the ways Google tools can help track and improve your SEO:

  1. Use Google Analytics to measure overall organic traffic over time
  2. Use Google Analytics to segment organic search traffic by landing page
  3. Use landing pages
    – By looking at the Landing Page dimension while in the organic keyword report will allow you to analyze the pages on your site that are driving the most organic traffic.
  4. Use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics data
    – Using both together provides crucial keyword data.
  5. Use Google Analytics to segment organic traffic by demographics
  6. Paid and organic search reports in AdWords
    -This will help you understand where you have the best keyword coverage, and understand how often your site appears in organic and paid search for that specific keyword.
  7. Use Google trends
    – Google trends allow users to track specific keywords that are relative to your business over a certain period of time. It also allows you to compare two keywords. If you want to compare how one keyword is performing compared to another.
  8. Using Google Analytics user flow tool
    – User flow tool allow users to see when someone comes to your website, exactly where they went, how long they spend on each page and where they ended up dropping off of your website.

Overall, using these Google tools, which are all free, can help you track and measure performance of your digital marketing campaign. Also using these tools to help improve your performance over time. If you would like to learn more about this, check us out at www.gaugedigitalmedia.com

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