Have you ever wondered about the difference between boosting a post on Facebook and running a Facebook Ad campaign? This is a common confusion for businesses on Facebook. The answer depends on your business’ advertising goals. Learn more about the differences between boosted Facebook posts and Facebook advertising.

Marketing Tip Tuesday: Boosted Facebook Post vs. Facebook Advertising

A boosted post allocates a specific amount of advertising dollars to increase the views of a pre-existing post on a business’ Facebook page. Boosted posts are the most basic form of Facebook advertising. The goal of boosting a post is to increase audience engagement through likes, comments and shares.

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On the other side, Facebook advertising provides more customized promotion options. Facebook ads are more advanced forms of advertising and will require a Facebook ad manager account. Facebook ads offer a variety of advertisement types depending on your business’ goal. For example, does your business want website click conversions, video views or to install a specific application. Facebook ads also include call to action buttons to promote actions, such as: contact us, download, or shop now. The main benefit of Facebook advertising is the ability to target ads. Facebook ads provide more targeting options, making it easier to find the right people, at the right time, capture their attention and get results.

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The best option your business decides to chose, really depends on what your goals are for advertising and what audiences you want to reach. If you need help with your business’ Facebook advertising campaign, Gauge Digital Media can help. Visit our website to learn more about our Facebook Advertising services.