Why do you need to make sure that your web design is responsive and mobile-friendly? Well, for one thing, for several years now, mobile Internet usage has been on the rise. In fact, today there’s actually more mobile search traffic than desktop search traffic. On top of that, recent studies have shown that 60% of the time that Americans spend on digital media is spent on phones and tablets instead of laptops and desktops.

According to one study, when your potential customers are deciding whether or not to make a purchase with you, 60% of them will consult their smartphone or tablet. When they’re looking for a trustworthy and reputable business in their area, 59% of them will do a search on their phone. And a full 61% of local searches on mobile devices result in purchases. In other words, if you want to increase your conversion and sale rates, you need to be thinking mobile.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

First of all, though, you should understand what we mean when we talk about responsive design. In the world of web design, responsive means that a website is designed to respond to the size and shape of the screen on which it is displayed. Instead of just shrinking to fit a phone or tablet screen, a responsive site’s design will be optimized to adapt to different devices.

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The Best Solution for Mobility

Now, other design options include creating a different site and/or application for your viewers using mobile devices. First of all, this is more time and labor intensive. You’ll not only have to pay for your normal website, but you’ll also have to pay to have someone design and develop a mobile site and/or an app for your business (or take the time to learn how to do it yourself).

Your viewers and customers aren’t necessarily going to want to download an app just to see what you have to offer. However, they will appreciate you having a mobile-friendly site that is easily navigable and user-friendly on any device. With responsive web design, you don’t have to create and manage multiple sites or any apps. Instead, you can focus on a single site that will be attractive and functional on any mobile device.

Responsive Web Design Is Consistent

Because you won’t be designing an entirely different site, a responsive and interactive design allows you to more easily create a consistent look and feel for your digital marketing efforts. You’ll have everything you need, all housed in a single site, and you won’t have to worry about inconsistencies in either style or content. This will not only enhance your online presence, but it will also enhance user experience.

Simplify the Customer Experience for More Conversions

Finally, responsive web design doesn’t just make things easier for you – it makes them easier for your customers, as well. People viewing your site on mobile devices will be directed toward your products and guided easily through the purchase process. The journey through the site is smooth and simple, making it easier for your viewers to decide to become customers by making purchases directly on your site.

People are already looking at your site on their mobile devices, so why not make it easier and more enjoyable for them? Give them a consistent, quality experience and make it easier for them to make purchases, all with a simple style of web design that makes it easy for your business’ site to be mobile-friendly.

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