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The Return of QR Codes

The Return of QR Codes

During the pandemic, it is likely that you encountered QR codes quite often while dining out. Although this technology was not entirely new, it provided a contactless option when it was most needed. A sit-down restaurant’s menu is one of the things that all diners touch, and hand-to-hand contact was thought to spread COVID-19. Luckily, this was one of the easiest risks to eliminate thanks to QR codes. Rather than handling a paper or plastic menu touched by hundreds of other guests, customers could quickly access an online menu. Digital menus also helped to reduce waste by eliminating disposable menus. In sum, QR codes provided a convenient and satisfying experience for smartphone users.

In past years, QR technology was not as widespread. This is because scanning codes on smartphones was not as easy as it is today. Apple’s iOS 14 update fixed previous issues and enabled code detection for small, oddly-shaped items. Additionally, it’s no longer necessary to download a separate app to utilize this tool. All you have to do is aim your camera at a QR code to reach your chosen destination. 

Since QR codes were proven highly useful during the past few years, we expect they’ll be here to stay. Marketers are always looking for a new way to stand out, and this tool can be used in a number of creative ways. Listed below are the top locations where QR codes will be seen in 2022 and beyond.

Where You’ll Find QR Codes This Year 

1. Packaging on Merchandise 

Let’s say you own a line of organic cosmetic products. It can be difficult to communicate complex brand values to a customer through small packaging, but QR codes can step in to help. When people see a QR code on an object, it piques their curiosity. With this tool, businesses of all kinds will easily be able to provide information to their customers. Rather than try to squeeze a block of text in with your ingredient list, you can include a QR code. A customer can then navigate to your site to learn all about eco-friendly cosmetics. 

2. Ad Campaigns

QR codes add a sense of intrigue to an advertisement, which is why you’ll find so many of them on billboards and signs. They’re interactive, and they initiate action. If you’re selling a product that boasts new technology, QR codes provide an excellent way to introduce it to audiences. In ad campaigns, this tool creates mystery, excitement and wonder. They can even be used to link directly to a purchase page. 

3. Business Cards

We’ve all been handed a business card at some point in our lives. More than likely, it ended up in our pockets or in the trash. When QR codes are included on business cards, however, colleagues can access your information right away. Rather than stuffing the card in their pocket, they’ll put out their phone to scan the code. From there, they can access your social media channels, sites, portfolios, donation pages, and more. There’s truly no better way to make an introduction. The use of this technology on your business cards also shows that you are serious about your brand.

4. Direct Mail Discounts

Direct-mail campaigns are highly successful due to their tangibility. To this day, customers appreciate the sense of connection print ads provide. With that being said, QR codes can take direct-mail ads one step further. Like business cards, direct mail might sit in someone’s home for a long period of time. Customers may forget about them or toss them away accidentally. With QR codes, on the other hand, visitors can immediately access your site. In the future, you’ll see plenty of ads that provide direct access to discount codes and sales inventory. 

5. Advanced In-Person Shopping 

As QR codes continue to progress, you’ll see them being employed for in-person experiences. For instance, customers can scan an in-app QR code, add items to virtual shopping carts, and scan the code again to purchase their items. This new contactless technology makes for a quick and easy shopping experience. As time passes, you’ll start seeing this in grocery stores, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants.

The One Drawback of QR Codes 

Unfortunately, the one drawback of QR codes is that they aren’t 100% inclusive. This type of technology specifically caters to people who have access to smartphones. In the future, companies should work to provide multiple options for all customers. This way, they simply have the choice to participate. None of your visitors should feel left out of an experience, so this is something you want to keep in mind moving forward. 

Are you interested in using QR codes to grow your business? If you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy, Gauge Digital Media can help you reach new heights. Our professionals will supervise your ad campaigns, display ads across Google AdWords and Bing Ads, and collect data to enhance your brand. In addition, we’ll help you with web design, graphic design, social media marketing and e-mail marketing strategies. No matter what your goals are, our experts can help your business succeed. 

We Are Here to Help Grow Your Business Online and Through SEO

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