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Is LinkedIn Marketing Right for Your Business?

Is LinkedIn Marketing Right for Your Business?

In the digital age, your business has many different options when it comes to marketing to your target audience using social media. From Facebook to Instagram, and from Twitter to Pinterest, there are more choices than ever. How do you know if you’re making the right one? One of the best platforms to market your business is one that many business owners never even think of—LinkedIn! The platform boasts over 500 million members, over half of which are active every month. There are countless posts every day, and your business can get in on the action through LinkedIn marketing. Is it the right fit for you?

How Can You Participate in LinkedIn Marketing?

There are many different free and paid ways to take advantage of marketing options on LinkedIn. You can create a LinkedIn profile that is packed with information on your company and brand. This can be a resource for current employees, potential employees and even potential customers. Make sure that your page is optimized for search by using keywords that describe what you do. This also helps in attracting followers, who will see your updates in their LinkedIn feed. Once you have your audience, you can create posts and choose to boost them for even better LinkedIn marketing. Gauge Digital Media is experienced in all types of marketing online, and we know how to make your LinkedIn efforts worthwhile.

Could Your Business Benefit from LinkedIn Marketing?

There are many factors that influence whether or not LinkedIn marketing might be a good fit for your business. If you aren’t sure if it’s a good fit, you can always contact the Gauge Digital Media team to learn more.

  1. Your business needs relationships to grow.

If your business relies on developing relationships to grow, like many businesses, LinkedIn could be a great fit for you. LinkedIn is a great tool for attracting new clients and working them through your sales funnel by getting engagement, following up and building your relationship. LinkedIn has more tools for growing your bonds than some other platforms, including sharing content in your feed, contacting clients via direct messaging and more.

  1. You want to recruit great talent.

Another big advantage of using LinkedIn for marketing is the potential to attract new talent while you’re also appealing to potential clients. There are many different ways that LinkedIn can connect you with top talent in your area and help you identify prospects for different positions at your company. Your LinkedIn page allows potential employees to get a good look at who you are and learn more about your company culture. It isn’t just attracting your new clients, it’s also attracting your future employees!

  1. You are targeting other businesses and business owners.

LinkedIn marketing is particularly powerful for B2B businesses. Because so many business owners are active on LinkedIn, it’s a great place to connect directly with them and learn more about what they are looking for, their pain points and their lives. When you have more information to tailor your sales pitch, it can make the process smoother and more successful.

  1. You are focusing on business development.

If you want to take growing your business more seriously, LinkedIn is a great place to start doing so. LinkedIn marketing tools allow you to make new connections, strengthen connections with your existing connections, attract new employees to grow your business and learn more about your competitors. The access to information you get on LinkedIn is unparalleled when it comes to business, so if you’re ready to grow, LinkedIn is a great place to go.

  1. You can be consistent.

Just like other digital marketing platforms, consistency is key to seeing results. If you are not working with a partner like Gauge Digital Media to handle your digital marketing, you will need to commit to regularly posting updates, checking your notifications and messages to respond and more. Consistency is the difference between pages that are stagnant and pages that grow and succeed on the platform, so make sure that you have the right support systems and partners before you start investing in your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

  1. You want to look professional.

Just like clients expect you have a legitimate, polished website, both clients and potential employees expect your business to have a legitimate LinkedIn profile. Particularly if you are new or not well-known in your industry, a presence on LinkedIn will help to validate your business and make clients more comfortable making a purchase with you or partnering with you.

  1. You want to maintain your connections.

Finally, LinkedIn is a great way to nurture and maintain your existing connections. Networking efforts can easily go to waste if you are not doing a good job of keeping them alive, and LinkedIn is an easy way to help keep them warm. Think of LinkedIn like a social media business card for you and your business. Connecting on LinkedIn helps to make sure that you don’t forget the people you have met who might be critical to growing your business, and it also makes sure that you can help others as well. Put a little bit of time every week into making endorsements and connections, and you might be surprised to see how it helps grow the following of your business, grow your bottom line, attract new clients and find fantastic new employees. If you are ready to get started, Gauge Digital Media is here to help.

We Are Here to Help Grow Your Business Online and Through LinkedIn Marketing

Working with a professional digital marketing company is the best way to make the most of your website and all that Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn ads, Google Analytics and other digital advertising platforms have to offer. To learn more about the best digital marketing strategies for your company and reach a bigger audience than ever before, work with Gauge Digital Media. For a quote or to schedule a call, contact us at 410-376-7709 .

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