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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on LinkedIn

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has quickly become one of the best platforms for businesses to engage with customers, advertise their services, and create a community surrounding their business. Known as the “Professional Facebook,” LinkedIn allows users to connect with companies in a more business-oriented manner than Facebook or Instagram.

It’s become increasingly important for your business to have a solid LinkedIn presence, but how can you make your page stand out from the millions of other companies on the platform? Read on to learn several tips to make your LinkedIn page stand out, then give us a call at Gauge Digital Media. We can help you begin the social media marketing process and supercharge your results.

Optimize Your Profile

The first step in creating a high-quality LinkedIn page that stands out is to complete your profile. This step sounds simple enough, but many businesses focus more on posting new content than making sure their profile accurately reflects their brand, leading to their downfall on the platform.

When customers seek out your company’s LinkedIn page, your profile is the first thing they will see. That’s why your profile should contain complete and accurate information, including:

  • A quality profile and background photo
  • Detailed information about your business, including types of services and products you offer
  • Contact information
  • Hashtags targeted towards your desired audience

Once your profile is complete, your page will communicate to customers that you care about your online presence and that your LinkedIn page will provide them with valuable information about your business.

Post a Variety of Content

LinkedIn is not just a platform for you to advertise your business. Users are bombarded with ads all over the internet, and if you’re only posting advertisements on your LinkedIn page, you’ll begin to lose followers quickly.

Instead, your LinkedIn page should contain several types of content that each appeal to your target audience in different ways. Let’s say you own a cupcake shop. Your LinkedIn Page should include a variety of relevant:

  • Blog posts
    • Ex: A post titled “5 Top Frosting Flavors in America”
  • News articles
    • Ex: An article about how your business delivered free cupcakes to the local fire station
  • Personal posts
    • Ex: Posts introducing your business’s team members
  • Photos
    • Ex: Photos of your daily cupcake flavors
  • Videos
    • Ex: A video showing step-by-step instructions on how to make frosting flowers

Your page should include a balanced mix of these content types. Varying your post content will improve reader engagement and help set your page apart from other business pages in your sector.

Set Up a Post Schedule

Along with varying your content, it’s helpful to set up a post schedule that details what content should be posted on which days.

Looking ahead at any upcoming events or sales your company offers will allow you to prepare the content about these special events in advance so that you can post information at the most appropriate time.

Feeling overwhelmed? Our team can help you set up a post schedule that optimizes your LinkedIn page’s content to best suit your client base.

Engage with Customers

One giant perk of using LinkedIn with your business is the ability to engage with your customers easily. You should view your page as a back-and-forth conversation with customers, where they like and comment on your posts, and you reply to their comments.Of course, you also want to maintain a professional aura when interacting with customers, as you are still representing your brand rather than your personal beliefs. But using your LinkedIn page to communicate with users can help grow your business and develop loyalty to your brand.

Engaging with customers through LinkedIn can also help you establish the “human-ness” of your business. When customers see that they are interacting with real humans and not just a brand or company as a whole, they will feel more comfortable purchasing your products or services.

Customize Your Content

To further help your brand stand out on LinkedIn, you will want to tailor your content to your customer demographics.

Instead of posting generalized content about your services and products, customize your page to appeal to your target audience. Is your typical demographic young moms? Then consider creating posts about parenting tips alongside your usual content.

Customizing your posts towards a specific audience will lead to increased customer engagement and differentiate your business from other businesses in your area. Similarly, posting content targeted to a demographic outside your typical customer base will allow you to expand your customer range, growing your business.

Gauge Digital Media is here to help you set up a perfectly optimized LinkedIn page. Call us today at (410) 376-7709 to learn more about our social media marketing services and get a free estimate.

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