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How Social Media Can Help You Learn More About Your Customers

How Social Media Can Help You Learn More About Your Customers

Social media is one of the most popular communication methods in the modern world, and for many, it also serves as a news source, local marketplace, digital diary, and more.

Millennials, baby boomers, and every generation in between have been turning to social media to connect with friends and family for years. More recently, social media has also become a way for customers to interact with their favorite businesses.

That makes creating a social media presence for your business a crucial way to connect with customers, but did you know it can also help you learn more about your customers?

Knowing the demographics of your customer base, customers’ opinions about products and services, and the ways customers interact on social media can influence your business’s marketing decisions and help you gain customers overall.

At Gauge Digital Media, we can help you craft a social media presence that appeals to your desired audience, and you can use your social media pages to learn more about your customers.

Customer Demographics

Once you have a solid social media presence on several platforms, you want to begin following your customers back.

Following customers will allow you to see their social media posts and their basic demographic information, helping you better customize products and services towards your typical customer demographic.

Identifying your desired audience is a vital step in any marketing decision. Age, gender, and location, which are readily available on a person’s social media profile, are huge determining factors in how you market your business.
If your typical customer is a middle-aged female who lives within 5 miles of your business, you can tailor your social media posts to attract this audience. However, you can also begin making conscious efforts to target other audiences and expand your marketing reach outside of its current demographic group.

Our team can utilize your customers’ demographic information to make the smartest marketing decisions for your company’s website.

Product and Service Reviews

Connecting with customers on social media is a great way to learn their opinions about your products and services first-hand. Facebook pages for businesses encourage customers to leave reviews right on the page, so you will have easy access to your customers’ opinions.

However, when you make a social media post about a new product or service, customers will often feel inclined to make their opinions known right on the post. The barrier of a digital screen encourages users to share negative opinions without the repercussions that come with sharing this information face-to-face. The same can be said for positive opinions.

Everyone has an opinion on the internet, and seeing reviews of your products and services can open up a gateway to understanding the success of those items. If a new product receives mainly negative feedback, you’ll want to consider how you can change it to evoke a more positive response.

Social Media Interactions

Interactions with Your Page

Viewing your customers’ interactions with your social media content can help you learn how your social media presence influences their purchasing decisions.

How are your customers engaging with your content? Which of your posts have the most “likes?” This information indicates the type of content your customers enjoy seeing, which should influence what kind of content you post.

Imagine you make a post about a new service your company is offering. You decide to post the information as a status update that contains a few paragraphs of text followed by a link to your website. You monitor the post’s traffic over the next few days and find that it has received little attention, garnering only twenty likes and three comments.

If you had analyzed your customers’ interactions with your previous posts, you might have gained valuable information, such as that your customer base enjoys images and videos more than text-based posts. You would have been able to tailor this exciting announcement to the desires of your customers, expanding the reach of the announcement and overall growing your business.

Interactions With Other Users

It can also be beneficial to learn how your customers are using their social media pages to interact with friends and family. Do they frequently “tag” others in posts they enjoy? Then perhaps you should announce a giveaway that requires participants to “tag” at least two others in the comments of your post.

Seeing how your customers use social media in their daily lives can allow you to customize your social media presence to best conform to the ways they’re already using the platform. This will allow them to seamlessly integrate your business into their everyday lives, increasing their loyalty to your brand, and encouraging them to talk about your business with others.

Contact Gauge Digital Media Today

In our modern world, your business needs to utilize social media to interact with and learn about customers. At Gauge Digital Media, we can set up perfectly-optimized social media pages for your business at a great price—call us today at 410-376-7709 to learn more about our social media marketing services.

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