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Geotargeted Pages and How They Can Help Your Rankings

Geotargeted Pages and How They Can Help Your Rankings

Almost every business knows the word SEO by now, but do you fully understand the factors that can influence it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the magic that ensures your website gets preferred placement on Google so that your target audience and current customers can find it easily. There are many different ways to improve your SEO and help your rankings, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will rocket your listing to the top of Google. However, one of the best ways to help your rankings is by using geotargeted pages.

At Gauge Digital Media, we work with businesses of every size to develop effective geotargeting campaigns that harness the power of digital marketing to get great results. Regardless of the size of the business or the industry that you operate in, geotargeting has something to offer you. To learn more, get a quote or schedule a call, contact us at 443-952-4060. In this blog, we’ll be delving into how geotargeted pages can help your rankings.

What Are Geotargeted Pages?

Geotargeting is one way that you can show Google your content caters to specific groups of users based on location. Just like you expect to see advertisements for a local pizza place over one across the country when you watch TV, geotargeted pages are designed to cater directly to residents of a specific state, county or city. When you incorporate geotargeted pages into your website, it can help your rankings for various terms when customers are searching on Google. Unlike some other SEO techniques that have faded into obscurity after Google stopped using them, geotargeting remains as critical today as it was when it was first announced as a factor.

While you might not think you’ve seen geotargeted search results before, you certainly have. When you go on Google and search for “burger restaurant,” that’s the reason why Google shows you restaurants that are located near you instead of a great burger 2 hours away. Even if the user doesn’t type in the city where they are located, Google already knows and will adjust search results accordingly. The page that you see depending on where you are located might also differ.

What Factors Into Geotargeted Pages?

At Gauge Digital Media, we specialize in creating geotargeted pages that are effective at driving traffic to our clients. One of the most critical things that we focus on is choosing the right keywords. If you own a restaurant in New York City, you wouldn’t want your keyword to be “Italian restaurant” or “restaurant in NY”. Instead, “Italian restaurant in New York City” might be a better choice. We will work with you to determine the best content for your situation and develop a campaign that supports it.

How Do Geotargeted Pages Help Your Rankings?

Pages and blogs that are customized to reach audience members in a specific area are a great way to generate quality leads, links and local traffic. When your target audience can easily find and access you, it increases the chance that they will choose to give you their business. As your traffic increases, your Google authority will increase as a result, as the search engine sees that your page is important. Local search might seem like a small thing compared to broader searches, but it is much more powerful for getting great leads and growing a business. Google estimates that a whopping 73% of online searches have to do with local searches. If you don’t capitalize on geotargeting, you might be missing out.

Does Geotargeting Help Even If You Aren’t Located There?

Yes! Many businesses in this day and age can ship products or provide services nationally. If you want to reach your target audience wherever they are, geotargeting is one way to help your rankings and get you in touch with interested consumers.

Think about a company called Sally’s Cupcakes. Sally can ship her cupcakes anywhere in the continental United States, but her bakery is located in Maryland. It’s a great idea to create pages for Maryland cities to generate local interest. However, Sally has realized that people in Boston and Nashville also love her cupcakes and have been ordering them. A geotargeting campaign aimed at those cities could be a way to continue getting traffic and capitalize on the interest for those areas. If you are not sure whether or not a geotargeting campaign could help your business, we are happy to talk with you.

How Can You Start Geotargeting?

Gauge Digital Media specializes in helping businesses of every size master digital marketing. We know how to create dynamic, effective geotargeting campaigns that utilize a range of techniques. Location-specific keywords will be used throughout your quality content. These keywords tie in with the proliferation of voice search and ensure that customers near you can easily find your business.

Local PPC ad campaigns can be another way to help your rankings and attract local customers. We can design a campaign for you and continually analyze it to ensure efficacy. Another technique that can make a big difference is using location-specific landing pages on your website. These landing pages are targeted at cities or counties near your business so that customers are served customized information that has been tailored to their needs. If you offer certain services in a specific service area only and others elsewhere, these pages make sure that customers are only getting the most relevant information.

We Are Here to Help Build SEO on Your Website and Through Geotargeted Pages

Working with a professional digital marketing company is the best way to make the most of your website and all that Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn ads, Google Analytics and other digital advertising platforms have to offer. To learn more about the best digital marketing strategies for your company and reach a bigger audience than ever before, work with Gauge Digital Media. For a quote or to schedule a call, contact us at 443-952-4060.

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