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8 Common UX Mistakes in Web Design

8 Common UX Mistakes in Web Design

By the time a user accesses your site, they have already expressed an interest in your products and services. They want to know more. So, what can hinder this experience? Think about walking into a new coffee shop in your area. What would stop you from ordering a coffee? Perhaps the service is unfriendly or the prep area looks unclean. Maybe you’re planning to stay and read a book, but the lighting is too dim. Whatever the reason, the experience was so unsuccessful that it made you want to head for the door (even if you made the trip planning to order a coffee).

A user experience (UX) is no different. Your visitors don’t want to feel unwelcome or unable to access the information they are looking for. Your audience should be your first priority, and you want to guide them in the right direction. In our digital age, fewer and fewer experiences are taking place in-person. In some cases, your website might be your business’ first impression. Therefore, it’s best to make it count. Bad web design can send people running for the hills (or, to another site) so try to avoid these 8 mistakes for a better user experience.

1.     Illegible Text

Visitors navigate your site to access specific information. Whether they’re in search of operating hours, product descriptions, or blog posts, the text should be straightforward and easy to read for all users. What makes text legible and user-friendly? In most cases, you should choose a clean font with a size of at least 16pt. Make sure the text isn’t too thin or light, especially if it’s placed against a light-colored background. While you can play around with typography in your logo and promotional materials, your site is there to highlight the central information you want to convey.

2.     Choosing Looks Over Substance

Web design provides an opportunity to unleash your creativity. Most web designers, in fact, are attracted to the profession for just that reason. It’s understandable that you want the site to look exciting. However, if you forget the user in the process, then the design lacks purpose. Photos, graphics and unique features can be charming, but not if they lessen the site’s functionality.

3.     A Lack of Design Hierarchy

Visualize a web page with a huge block of text. It’s overwhelming to look at and hard to read, right? In most cases, users won’t be visiting your site to read a book-length diatribe. Information should be presented in a way that is short and succinct. We live in a digital world that is constantly vying for our attention, so it’s best to design your site with a clear hierarchy that isn’t monotonous to the eye. Use headers, subtitles, paragraphs, and bulleted or numbered lists to attract and hold your viewers’ attention.

4.     No Mobile Options

According to research from Statista, mobile devices generated 54% of website traffic worldwide in the first quarter of 2021. Users who navigate to your site via mobile devices will quickly look elsewhere if they aren’t able to access it. A responsive web design that adjusts to any size is key: without it, you’re losing out on a massive audience.

5.     Your Site Looks Like an Ad

Most people who visit your site don’t want to be sold to in a way that is aggressive or over-the-top. This means no lurid, flashing animations, irritating pop-ups or tacky advertising banners. Users have learned to ignore these, so you don’t want all your vital information to be presented this way. Keep it simple and remember the person on the other end of the screen: you wouldn’t walk up to someone and start yelling at them to get them to buy something, and this is no different.

6.     Not Using Recognizable Icons

When driving down the street, we look to wayfinding signs to guide us. Sometimes these might include symbols that can help us identify dangers quickly. For instance, when we see a black truck tipping over, we know that means a sharp turn is up ahead. The same thing applies online. We look for a printer symbol to print, a magnifying glass to search, and a phone for contact information. Changing these up will confuse and mislead your users.

7.     A Lack of User Interaction

If users are visiting your site, that’s an excellent first step. However, you also want to keep them invested so they stay and spend some time looking around. In order to do this, you want them to be able to interact with the site rather than just skimming it like a magazine. Think about what piques your interest when you visit a website. You may want to consider adding user reviews, comments, a feedback section or even a poll to make users feel more actively engaged.

8.     A Bad Color Scheme

When it comes to color, it’s always best to have a balance. You don’t want to blind your viewers with an all-white or neon-colored site that is too harsh to look at. On the other hand, dark blacks and greys can be dull and dim if they aren’t juxtaposed against lighter colors or text. There’s nothing wrong with a monochromatic color scheme, but consider adding a pop of mild color here or there to make your site come to life. Remember, too, that colors can affect our mood. For example, blue shades tend to give off a tranquil vibe, whereas reds stimulate our senses. Your brand will help determine what colors are best.

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