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7 Ways Instagram Can Help Your Business

7 Ways Instagram Can Help Your Business

When it comes to social media marketing, your to-do list can get long and overwhelming. Social media allows you to engage with new and existing customers easily. With more than 25 million businesses and one billion members, Instagram is one of the best platforms for brand growth.

If you aren’t familiar with the platform, leveraging Instagram for your brand can be a challenge. Additionally, operating a business account is much harder than posting to a personal account.

Gauge Digital Media offers social media marketing assistance to help you build your business. Contact us to take the stress away from your Instagram marketing.

Try these seven ways you can use Instagram to improve your business’s visibility.

1. Reach More People

Instagram has millions of active users, and over 40% of them check their feed several times throughout the day. Most importantly, more people use Instagram to follow brands and businesses than any other social platform.

Starting a profile on Instagram can seem intimidating. Many brand accounts have millions of followers, and your competitors may already have a leg up. However, a solid marketing strategy can help you stand out from the crowd quickly.

Hashtags help people find you and interact with your content. Choose a mix of popular and less commonly used hashtags to make your brand recognizable. It’s crucial to market your business effectively so that consumers have a reason to look for more.

2. Create an Instagram Business Profile

Like Facebook, Instagram gives you the option to create a business page. A business profile is invaluable to your social media marketing strategy. With an Instagram business profile, you can:

  • Access Instagram Insights
  • Run paid ads from your profile
  • Add information such as location, contact info, and hours

Having a business account makes you look more legitimate to potential customers. You can even track metrics, such as engagement and ad clicks. Also, only business profiles can add URLs to their stories, which can help you promote new products and other types of content.

Instead of starting your marketing from scratch, get a professional on your side to make things easier—Call Gauge Digital Media to launch a successful campaign online faster.

3. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are posts that disappear after 24 hours. People use these stories to get brief updates on the pages they follow. As a business, you must include stories in your social media marketing approach if you want to reach a broad audience.

Some of the benefits of using stories include:

  • Appearing at the top of your followers’ timelines
  • Sharing exclusive content more quickly than a regular post
  • Interacting with other accounts through tags and shares
  • Quickly editing story posts with Instagram effects
  • Including a call-to-action for story-viewers

4. The Power of Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. Influencers are users with a large social media following, often related to a specific niche or industry. Depending on the number of followers they have, these users can be micro- or macro-influencers.

Consumers trust the influencers in their areas of interest, so their recommendations go a long way. When you go this route for social media marketing, you can tap into a following that already exists. For help finding the right influencers for your brand, contact Gauge Digital Media today.

5. Increase Engagement

You can interact with your Instagram audience in many ways that help promote your brand. For example, you can:

  • Run giveaways or contests
  • Respond to comments and stories
  • Create polls
  • Shout out your dedicated customers

As with most social media platforms, some initial engagement leads to more of it in the future. Encouraging people to share your posts and tag their friends can increase your reach tenfold. This method of connecting with your audience can prove quicker and cheaper than traditional advertising.

6. Creative Content

Instagram offers almost unlimited opportunities to create fantastic content. Your approach is central to getting people’s attention and turning them into loyal followers. Instagram gives you the perfect platform to show off your brand’s personality and make people want to shop with you.

Use a variety of content types, such as original photos, engaging videos, and captivating stories. You should also take advantage of Instagram Live and IGTV to create a diverse brand page.Your followers can help you create content, too. Encourage customers to post photos of themselves using your product or service. You can even hold contests to get information about what your customers want to see.

7. Keep up With Competitors

Businesses all over the world use Instagram to promote their services. You can use your account to check up on your competitors and their strategies. Look at how they interact with followers, what they post, and when they post.

Gathering this information will help you define a social media marketing strategy that sets you apart. Similarly, you can use Instagram to connect with your partner brands and tap into their audiences.

Creating effective social media campaigns and branding requires research and analysis. Fortunately, Gauge Digital Media is here to help you through every step of the process. Call us today at (410) 376-7709 for a free digital marketing consultation.

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