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5 SEO Myths Debunked

5 SEO Myths Debunked

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a phrase that most users with a web presence are familiar with at a fundamental level. The world of SEO is vast, and since search engines like Google change their algorithms frequently, it helps to understand what can affect the ranking of your site.

The golden rule to remember is that search engines compete for users. When people stop finding relevant content on a search engine, they will switch to a competitor. Too keep high-quality search results a ranking priority, the value of your content and your SEO strategy need revamping consistently.

As the SEO field evolves, some rules that were useful in the past are no longer relevant to current SEO strategies. Examples of this include having exact keyword matches and an overly-long homepage. Abusive practices – like keyword stuffing – not only do not work, but they lead to penalization.

To make sure you’re getting the most from your SEO strategy, update your approach and know the facts. With conflicting information about ranking strategies, you need to know what works today, and what myths still linger regarding the best SEO strategy to apply.

1. Content Is Enough

You’ve probably seen the term “content is king” when you search for a good SEO strategy. While this is partly the case, the key is to understand that content is not the dictator. The quality of your words alone won’t rank your site at the top. Keywords are necessary, in the right format and phrasing, to set you apart.

Combining useful content with the right SEO terms doubles the impact of your site. It will attract the users you want and encourages search engines to make your page more visible. Since most online businesses implement some form of SEO strategy to drive traffic, relying on content alone will not get results.

2. New Websites Don’t Rank for SEO

A common myth about SEO is that fresh websites don’t make search engine rankings. Instead, only older sites have that privilege since they have been around longer. The only reason why most websites that do rank are usually not new is due to their experience. The longer a site exists, the more likely that the business that supports it is successful. The expertise of the company makes it more likely to spend better on a professional SEO strategy.

So, you could start a new site and use your SEO experience to get it to rank quickly if you follow the best practices.

3. A High Domain Authority Score Improves SEO

A Domain Authority score, such as the one given by Moz, does not improve or affect your SEO strategy by itself. When people hear the term DA, they assume that the score alone determines a site’s SEO success. DA has different segments that include items such as backlinks. Backlinks are indicative of a high Domain Authority, so this is where the confusion lies.

Getting backlinks from a high DA website will help your site’s optimization. It would be best if you incorporated a solid linking strategy so that a search engine considers your content valuable.

4. SEO for Mobile Isn’t Necessary

Mobile optimization is necessary for today’s global market and its users. Making websites look and function well on phone screens is the way of the future. Mobile accounts for a large chunk of the internet’s buying and browsing activity. The strategy you use determines your visibility.

Be sure that the content structure works for people using their phones. Just as interface options and the user experience are different on a tablet than on a desktop, phones have a separate SEO structure. Not optimizing pages for mobile increases bounce rate and makes your pages challenging to access, read, and use.

5. You Need to Rank First

Although ranking #1 on Google is a digital milestone, it’s not necessarily the biggest goal if you’re on the first page. High rankings are essential when you have many competitors. However, if you’re in the top rankings, it’s still a great sign of SEO success.

May users don’t just click on one search result at the top only. They might continue to search if they don’t get the answer, product, or service they want. As long as you have a high ranking, aim to remain there.

SEO myths deter users from taking the right steps to strengthen their SEO strategy. The best way to remain abreast of the best SEO practices is to check updates regularly. Read what SEO experts are staying and understand how new updates rollouts affect your current strategy.

With the right SEO approach, you will see a surge in your rankings and, subsequently, your traffic. To learn more about SEO and how it can benefit your company, call Gauge Digital Media at (410) 376-7709 today!

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