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11 Things to Ask Your Web Designer

11 Things to Ask Your Web Designer

Your site’s web design can make or break your digital marketing strategy. A digital experience that combines ease of use with a compelling aesthetic helps you gain a competitive edge. Whether you’re building a new website or plan to change an existing one, choosing the right designer is necessary for digital success.

Our web design creatives at Gauge Digital Media adopt a thorough and transparent approach when working on your website. Our goal is to ensure you’re comfortable working with us and the process.

Read on for the most important questions to ask your web designer before starting on your next project.

1. Do You Have a Portfolio?

When you’re working with a professional, they must have a portfolio of previous work that you can see. Most web design specialists have extensive online profiles, and they allow you to gauge the following:

  • Quality of work
  • Design expertise
  • The designer’s style and approach
  • The overall success of the website strategy

At Gauge Digital Media, we have a diverse portfolio that showcases our work and commitment to quality.

2. Do You Have Contract and NDA Agreement?

Your web designer must offer a contract and agree to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The contract must clearly outline the terms of your agreement and include information such as turnaround time, price, and scope of services.

3. Will I Own My Domain and Hosting Accounts?

Only you should own your domain and hosting accounts. If the web designer does not agree with this, it is best to steer clear. The person or agency that owns these accounts has full control of them. That access should only belong to you once the project finishes.

4. What is Your Process?

Every web design professional has a process they follow. Most expect this question to pop up and are happy to explain it to clients. If the designer does not have a process or refuses to disclose it to you, this is a red flag that points to transparency issues, unethical tactics, or a lack of experience.

5. Can I Contact Your Previous Clients?

Your designer should be able to present a list of happy clients upon request. Although you will most likely only hear good things, you can get a sense of their working style. Speaking to customers also guarantees that you aren’t reading fake testimonials.

6. Do You Outsource Your Work?

Some designers outsource their projects, usually if they work alone. Determining whether you are comfortable with outsourcing is up to you, but you should know either way. For your piece of mind, the web designers at Gauge Digital Media complete projects in house to maintain consistent and reputable work.

7. What Is Your Turnaround Rate?

Although turnaround rates differ depending on the website, there should be a standard time for delivery. Here are some things to look out for:

  • The turnaround is too short
  • Your website will take months to design
  • Some reviews indicate lack of on-time delivery
  • The designer is vague about timing

Our specialists at Gauge Digital Media deliver reasonable turnaround times for your site launch and respect your time and urgency.

8. Do You Provide Original Files After the Project is Done?

You must receive the original files of your website’s design elements after it is complete. One example of this is PSD files for images. Having these files allows you or another web design agency to modify them later on.

9. How Many Revisions Do You Offer?

Your web designer should agree to at least one free revision of the work before you need to pay extra. If the designer does not offer a revision, look elsewhere because it is rare to get it right from the first time.

10. Do You Provide Written Content?

Not all web designers offer written content and may ask you to provide it. If you already have it ready, this is not an issue and will likely save you money. However, when you want to incorporate a digital marketing strategy, choose a designer proficient in Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing content and blog posts increases your web traffic and conversion rate.

11. Is There Website Maintenance After Completion?

Some web designers offer web maintenance services after developing your site. If the price is reasonable and you want consistent updates and improvements, web maintenance is worth it. Many web design agencies have package deals where you can choose the maintenance services you need depending on your business type.

Why Work With Gauge Digital Media

If you aren’t in the web design industry, there are numerous points you may miss when hiring a designer. We understand how frustrating it is to find a good designer who delivers the results you want, on-time and hassle-free.

Whether it’s about site maintenance or the number of revisions you get after completion, asking the right questions is a must. Recognizing red flags during the negotiation process helps you avoid scams and unprofessional work before you commit.

At Gauge Digital Media, we believe in being transparent with our clients to ensure a successful web design you’re proud to show off to your clients and customers. Call us today at (410) 376-7709 for a breakdown of our web design process, and let us revamp your digital aesthetics.

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