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10 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

10 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

You might be wondering if now is the time to redesign your website. Maybe you have been putting it off for a while because, on the whole, you think it’s good enough. However, keeping with the same style can make your company seem dated and out of touch. In a digital world, your website is your business’ first impression. Did you know it only takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about a website? If yours doesn’t meet the required standard, visitors will turn their attention to other sites. You don’t want that.

It’s recommended, therefore, that you should redesign your website at the least once every couple of years. More than likely you’ll know when. If you have any doubts, that’s the first major indication it’s time for a change (your instincts are usually right!). However, here are some additional signs that it’s time to give your website an uplift.

10 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

  1. It’s Been A While

If it’s been five years or more, that’s a flashing red warning sign. Over that span of time, your business has undoubtedly grown and evolved. In our current landscape, a user can tell when you aren’t staying up-to-date because their attention is constantly consumed by modern sites that are always staying current. If your website hasn’t been touched in years, start thinking of a redesign plan now.

  1. Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Over 50% of site visits come from smartphones. Mobile website usage is the norm, and if your business doesn’t provide this you will miss out on customers. In order to make your site mobile-friendly, it’s important to complete an entirely separate design made for a mobile layout rather than trying to incorporate your desktop blueprint into it. Take the time to do things right: a mobile phone showcases your products and services differently.

  1. It Looks Like Your Website Belongs in 2005

Take a long, hard look at your website and ask yourself if it fits in this era. Some websites are so behind on the times that they may only appeal to one age group. Your website should be designed to attract a wide range of individuals, and it is key to consider upcoming generations. Their digital literacy is more advanced, so you want to be able to hold their attention without making the site overly complex. You don’t want to lose your original customer base, either. It should be simple enough for anyone to navigate, but it should also be able to keep the average person interested no matter their age.

  1. Even You Are Bored of Your Website’s Design

If you avoid looking at your website because it seems dull to you, then it will surely appear that way to your visitors. When this is the case, your site is not following through on its purpose, and it’s not engaging. Listen to your gut: if your eyes glaze over while viewing your site, it’s time for a redesign now.

  1. A High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate means most of your visitors are only looking at one page of your website in a single session. Put yourself in this user’s shoes. If you’re interested enough in a business to view their website, but you only look at the homepage for a few minutes, that’s similar to stopping by a shop window without going inside. Redesign your website and get people in the door.

  1. Your Website Includes Incorrect Information

Perhaps since you first designed your site, you have added more products and services. Maybe you’ve changed your business hours, or you now require a consultation before getting started with a customer. These things are vital, and if a customer receives incorrect information they won’t be happy to find this out later. If they become frustrated, you could easily lose their business despite being an exceptional company.

  1. Too Many Broken Links

When a visitor tries to click on a page, but they arrive at a 404 error message instead, that indicates a lack of preparation on your part. If you create a website with available links, those links should work so the visitor can find the information they need. Having too many broken links can make your business look amateurish. If you redesign your website, make sure to fix these right away.

  1. A Lack of SEO Know-How

Maybe when you initially designed your website, you did most of the heavy lifting yourself. Naturally, you’re busy enough with making your business the best it can be. Learning about SEO is akin to taking on another job. Ideally, your website should include meta descriptions, relevant keywords on each page, optimized images and lots of internal links. Getting a professional’s help will increase traffic to your site.

  1. Less and Less User Interaction

The goal of your website is to bring users to it so they can interact with your business. If customers aren’t mentioning the helpfulness of your site or if you’re receiving less calls, e-mails, orders and subscription sign-ups, that probably means it is no longer effective. A website is something you put time and effort into: it should be benefiting your business.

  1. Your Brand Has Outgrown Your Website

Over time, your business transforms and flourishes in ways you likely never expected. Your website should be a reflection of that growth. Maybe you have a new logo, or an updated value system that you wish to share. All of that should be accessible online. Redesign your website so that it matches your brand and what you hope to achieve with your business.

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