This week, our Whiteboard Wednesday video describes the Benefits of Premium Web Hosting: WordPress Engine. There are many benefits of having a premium web host, such as WordPress Engine. These include, reliable help, daily back ups, powerful firewalls and speed reports. Watch our Whiteboard Wednesday video to find out more detailed information about WordPress Engine’s benefits.

Benefits of Premium Web Hosting: WordPress Engine – Transcript:

Welcome back to Whiteboard Wednesday with Gauge Digital Media. I’m Brett and I’m Becca. Today we will be talking about the Benefits of having Premium Web Hosting.

Premium Web Hosting is high in quality and very reliable. We host all our websites with WordPress Engine.

Today, we are going to take you through some of the benefits of using WordPress Engine, a premium web host. First, performance – you want to have a website that load really fast. This is great for search engine optimization, but it is also great for your customers’ satisfaction. How many times have you been on a website where it is not loading, and get frustrated and leave that site?

Next, security – in today’s world, you want to make sure you site is hacker proof. Premium hosting like WordPress Engine has daily security updates.

Time – you won’t have to take time away from your business to try to restore your website that has be hacked. With premium hosting you have one click restoration. Any time this happens, you can keep your website up and running.

The next benefit is technology – WordPress Engine offers 24/7 support from WordPress Experts.

Finally personalization – you can chose from many themes, and customize them with your own design.

In today’s world your website will likely be a potential customers first impression of your business. So it is important to make sure it is a good one. Visually appealing and professional designs capture your audience’s attention!

Web design may be the most important piece of your marketing plan. Word Press creates websites that are responsive. Responsive web design allows your website to be viewed in the best possible format from any device, whether it is a desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone.

An online presence is critical for your business’ success. This is where your business gains credibility, and customers learn about your products or services.

At Gauge, we take pride in building beautiful and professional websites for our clients. If you would like to learn more about this, check us out at