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Another Whiteboard Wednesday video with Gauge Digital Media! This week our team members describe responsive web design. Responsive websites are good for SEO, user experience and usability on all devices. Gauge Digital Media designs beautiful, responsive, & easy to navigate websites!

Responsive Web Design – Transcript:

Welcome back to Whiteboard Wednesday with Gauge Digital Media. I’m Brett, and I’m Becca. Today we will be talking about Responsive Web Design.

Mobile usage is on the rise! About sixty percent of website traffic is generated from mobile devices.

In order to accommodate these trends in the past, business’ would either ignore the problem all together or build a second website that was mobile friendly. Today the best solution is to build a responsive website. A responsive website is one that reorganizes its layout and elements so it will work on any device, whether it is desktop, tablet or mobile.

Google wants responsive web design, which is good for your search ranking. Responsive websites are user friendly on all devices, which provides a better user experience, and it requires lower maintenance when making changes to your website.

The reason this is so important is because back in April of 2015, Google changed their algorithm to prioritize heavily on website that were search engine friendly or mobile friendly.

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