When you work with a digital marketing company to transform your digital marketing strategy and track analytics more effectively, Google Tag Manager is one of the best ways to add tracking codes, buttons or conversion points on your website. If you need to grant someone else access to your Google Tag Manager, here are the steps that you’ll need to take.

Grant Someone Access to Your Google Tag Manager

  1. Start by going to tagmanager.google.com and clicking the Start button. Sign in to the Google email account associated with your website.
  2. Select your website in the drop down menu and hit the Admin button.
  3. Next, go to the account user management section to grant access to all containers on your account. When you are in the account user management menu, you can grant access on an admin level (someone who can edit account settings, add users and edit users) or on a user level (someone who can see account settings but not edit them and who cannot add or edit users).
  4. If you do not want to grant access to all of the containers within your Google Tag Manager account, use the container user management section. Through this, you can grant no access, read-only access, edit access, approval access or publishing access for containers.
  5. To grant management access to your Google Tag Manager, select user management. Select the “+” button to add a new user to the appropriate container. Insert their email address and select the appropriate permissions. To grant access to a digital marketing professional, you should grant publishing privileges (the highest level of access) to the container. Finally, hit the invite button.

Once you’re done, let the person that you invited know that you sent over publishing access to your Google Tag Manager. Once access has been granted, a wide variety of things like Google Analytics tracking codes and Facebook Pixel can be installed on your website. If you need to revoke access at any point in the future, you can remove it from this same page.

Ready to Take Advantage of Google Tag Manager?

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