SEO & Digital Marketing


Local SEO

A high percentage of online searches for dealerships result in a visit to the showroom. The percentage is even higher when it comes to mobile searches. Many auto dealers forgo local SEO altogether and end up not being shown in Google Maps search results, in local directory listings and missing out on the low hanging fruit of the digital marketing world.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Even if your automotive industry-based web design company provides you with a Search Engine Optimization package, it is most likely a cookie-cutter solution that does very little. Your site is most likely optimized the same exact way your competitors’ sites are optimized. Search engines reward sites with original content, so matching your competitors is a problem.

Reputation Management | Online Reviews

Unhappy customers are by far the most likely to leave an online review. This means that even if you do everything right, and 99 out of 100 of your customers are very happy with your customer service, you may still be represented poorly by online reviews without this process being managed.

A Constantly Changing Inventory

Your new and used inventories are constantly changing. The more this changes the better, right? Your digital marketing agency will already be doing what they can to keep your inventory changing, but they will also have to be able to market the specific models, years and trim levels of your changing inventory using pay-per-click advertising.

A Lack of the In-Depth Content Search Engines Love

Most automotive sites have a very basic structure. You have a Homepage, an About Us page, a Service Center page and a few other static pages. Then you have your forever changing, and simple inventory pages. While your site is probably giving your customers exactly what they are looking for, it’s not giving the search engines the content rich articles, blog and how-to pages that they reward with higher search rankings.

Brand & Government Compliance

Your brand and your state both have compliance policies that need to be carefully followed. These policies need to be followed and taught to many people working inside of your dealership. If your digital marketing and web design company does not already have a handle on how this works, you will have to educate them as well.


We offer a complete SEO & digital marketing solution for automotive dealerships, service centers & body shops.  We offer a full suite of automotive SEO & digital marketing packages that are designed to increase you website traffic and then convert visitors into leads.


Web Design

Web sites should be beautiful, fast, & easy to navigate. A responsive website, expertly-designed, is one of the best investments an organization can make.


Local SEO

Optimizing your website and online presence for local search engine results has the highest return on investment of any marketing effort.



Pay-per-click and display advertising through Google AdWords & Bing Ads is a great way to acquire new customers. Campaigns can begin quickly and are measured to the finest detail.


Graphic Design

We can help you create beautifully designed branding, logos, website banners, web & print ad..


Social Media Marketing

Promote your brand & engage your audience with social media management and paid social marketing.


Email Marketing

Engage your current customer base, nurture leads and advertise your business with advanced and beautifully-designed email marketing campaigns.


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